Maria Loks in “Prepped” by Mathieu César for CR Fashion Book


Yohji Yamamoto S/S 2009 Ready to Wear Details


Lewis’s law is an observation she made in 2012 that states “the comments on any article about feminism justify feminism.” Lewis has written frequently about misogynist hate directed at women online.[8]

Can we just repeat that a few more times, 

“The comments on any article about feminism justify feminism.”

“The comments on any article about feminism justify feminism.”

A lovable meth addict is a rare character, I’d say.
So many people come up to me and say, “Oh my god, you’re my favorite lovable drug addict!” But it’s true, he’s truly just a lost kid, he got mixed up in the wrong crowd. When you first meet him, you don’t know if he’s bad, but then you realize he’s not a bad soul, he’s just trying to make a buck. He is cooking and selling drugs and I guess technically that is wrong, but I don’t think deep deep down he’s a horrible human being—he’s just trying to survive.



Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, 2014-08-26, “Race/Off” [alternate link here]

St. Vincent – Just the Same but Brand New


just the same but brand new // st. vincent

so i walked away
all perfumed
felt just the same
but brand new

When Kieren was alive, even though he was kind of a rebel in the village, he was very unsure of himself and of course Rick coming from the background that he did, it was very difficult for them. I kind of think, did they kiss or didn’t they kiss? I don’t think they got there. I think it was something that could have got there. […] In series two, Kieren was ready to take the reins and ready to kiss someone, especially when he’d seen what happened to Freddie, he was like ‘I’m just going to do it’.
Dominic Mitchell [x] confirming that this was, in fact, Kieren’s first kiss


Irving Penn - Theater Accident (1947)


Whenever I get sad, I just read the 1-star Amazon reviews of the 5lb. bag of sugar free Haribo gummy bears.


Co-lab collection by Lykke Li - in stores and online September 4.

"I’m not as worried as I used to be. When I was younger, if I wasn’t working, I would get anxiety. I’d feel like I should be doing something. But now I’m so good at chilling out. In my thirties, I’ve become really good friends with relaxing."



why does no one talk about tall girls on this site it’s always tall boys tALL GIRLS ARE WONDERFUL TOO YOU KNOW


Happy 35th Birthday, Aaron Paul - Aug 27, 1979